The relief from the progress we made is indescribable. I feel as if I have my life back again. We got so much accomplished that my task seems manageable now. Wendy was a true God-send and blessing.
— Jane W.

Liberating! Inspiring! Wendy really helped me define my space, use existing resources, and gave me a headstart on decluttering my life. I would highly recommend her.
— Mary Beth B.

Wendy is a miracle worker! She works fast and so efficiently. She is so considerate as well as loads of fun. I highly recommend her without reservation.
— Linda C.

I was in despair of ever getting my house under control when Wendy came to my rescue. Cluttered rooms and closets transformed into organized, beautiful spaces - I can’t stop smiling! My sitting room was so full of stuff it was unusable, but now is a beautiful, peaceful retreat for me. Definitely worth the time and money.
— Martha M.

Wendy is fabulous. She not only tells you how to declutter, but she takes her gloves off and gets to work with you. She is a delight to work with.
— Eleanor K.

Wendy and crew completed in 2 days what it would have taken any other group 2 weeks! I’m unpacked and decluttered in my new home!
— Kathy C.

Wendy has been a breath of fresh air to our family. She’s been positive and patient while giving us new skills. I feel relieved when I see my beautiful space all organized!
— Martha H.